Career Profile: Business Management in New Jersey

Business Management in New Jersey

Are you someone who enjoys leadership roles? Are you seeking ways to develop your communication, planning, and problem-solving skills? Well, courses in Business Management will not only sharpen these skills, but it will also get you thinking about the big picture -- not just about a whole company, but about how that company interacts with larger forces such as the economy.

Often known as the "generic" business major, Business Administration and Management will educate you in how to plan, organize, direct, and control an organization. It is more about learning how to be a boss – you will learn how to run a successful, competitive company while dealing with clients, employees, and shareholders.

Situated at the crossroads of the nation's largest business corridor, New Jersey is where the world comes to do business. In fact, New Jersey is more than a natural location for students majoring in Business Management. Over 20 percent of the world's FORTUNE 500® companies are headquartered in or near the state, with more than 1,100 multinational firms from over 40 nations.

Training and Education

Courses will range from accounting, administration, economics, finance, information systems, marketing, organizational behavior, public relations, strategy, human resource management, to quantitative methods and advertising.You can also expect to give a number of presentations, create well-researched reports, and work in groups, since that is what managing a business is all about.

Many schools offer internship opportunities so you can get relevant work experience in local firms, corporations, and financial institutions. Some schools have on-campus facilities that serve as learning centers for business students. This hands-on experience can give you an edge over the competition when looking for that first job.

Top Business Schools in New Jersey

  • DeVry University
    DeVry University's College of Business & Management prepares students to meet the challenges of a high-tech, global marketplace by providing a business education that brings the real world into the classroom. Each degree program is designed with input from leading companies and an infusion of information technology into the business and management curriculum. Earn a degree in business through one of DeVry's many campus locations across the country, or pursue a business education through their online degree programs.
  • Gibbs College - Livingston
    Business Administration/Mgmt., Criminal Justice Administration, E-Commerce, Hospitality Management
  • Katharine Gibbs School - Piscataway
    Business Administration/Mgmt.
  • Saint Peter's College, Graduate Programs
    Accounting, Business Management, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, MBA Program, Marketing

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