Financial Aid in Georgia

Financial Aid in Georgia

Obtaining a college education is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. However, with the increasingly high costs of tuition, figuring out how to pay for your education can be discouraging, or just downright scary.

Along with aid from the U.S. federal government, you'll want to check out the variety of grant and loan repayment programs available directly from the state of Georgia.

The Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) is the premier provider of student financial aid and educational services for Georgians. The Georgia Student Finance Commission is the name traditionally used to refer to the Georgia Student Finance Commission and its companion student finance agencies – the Georgia Student Finance Authority (GSFA) and the Georgia Higher Education Assistance Corporation (GHEAC). Although statutorily created in Georgia law as separate entities, these three agencies work closely together to provide integrated state student financial aid services.

HOPE — Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally — is Georgia's unique scholarship and grant program. HOPE rewards students with financial assistance in degree, diploma, and certificate programs at eligible Georgia public and private colleges and universities, and public technical colleges.

HOPE is funded entirely by the Georgia Lottery for Education, which also funds Georgia's statewide pre kindergarten program. Since the HOPE Program began in 1993, over $4.6 billion in HOPE funds have been awarded to more than 1.2 million students attending Georgia's colleges, universities, and technical colleges.

Grants and scholarships they manage include:

  • HOPE Scholarship
    Georgia's HOPE Scholarship is available to Georgia residents who have demonstrated academic achievement. The scholarship provides money to assist students with their educational costs of attending college in Georgia.
  • HOPE Grant
    Georgia's HOPE Grant (a separate program from the HOPE Scholarship) is available to residents of Georgia who are attending eligible colleges or universities in Georgia to earn a certificate or diploma regardless of high school graduation date or grade point average. However, continuing education programs are not eligible.
  • HOPE GED Grant program
    Georgia's HOPE GED Grant is available to students who earned a General Education Development (GED/high school equivalency) diploma awarded by the Technical College System of Georgia after June 30, 1993.
  • Financial Aid Services
    Since FAS was founded in 1991, their mission has been to provide Georgia colleges and universities with the capability to achieve their ideal financial aid operation on behalf of the students, families and other constituencies they serve.

State aid is of course only part of the package. Learn more about applying for federal aid and scholarships in Georgia.

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